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Portable Stylus Touch Screen Pen

Rubber touching end of the stylus
The touching end of the stylus is designed with rubber, soft enough to protect your screen against fingerprints and scratches, maintaining high definition to your screen.
Spring rope
The pen length is about 12CM and the diameter is about 7MM. The size is similar to that of a normal ballpoint pen. The grip is comfortable. With a long spring rope, the spring rope can be stretched to 1 meter.
Exquisite craftsmanship
Constructed from a premium metal bodyand has a lovely feeling of a real pen, it is durable and comfortable to use.
Scope of application
Applicable to resistive screen mobile phones, resistive screen tablets, (can not be used for current 3G mobile phones and tablets) MP4, MP5, tablet, navigator, medical, and other resistive screen devices.

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