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The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Good Living in Style brings you Fruitzola. Our Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, a fun way to get your daily intake of precious water with added fruits.  Now you can make your choice of sweet flavored water and keep yourself hydrated, healthy, and safe all day long. 

Fruitzola comes with an extra infuser pump built in to boost the fruit flavors. The bottle is made from TRITAN BPA Free plastic, approved for use with any drinkable liquid. It fits in most car cups and the cap screws on to keep the sipping portion always clean and germ-free. 

The possibilities are endless. It looks just great and tastes great too! 

A great gift to give the ones you love and care for.


  • Bottle holds 24oz liquid,
  • Made from TRITAN POLYMERS and 100% BPA FREE,
  • Dishwasher safe in Top Rack,
  • They come in Refreshing Red, Beautiful Black, and Cool Blue translucent caps.


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